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guess who needs more money? if you guessed the government i’ll give you half credit, but it’s me. i do. and that’s why for the first time im offering WOW

5$ knee up commissions to my loyal followers!! here are the rules!

  1. you must have a paypal, that’s the only way i accept payment.
  2. you’ll probably have to work with me a bit on what you want. if it’s something very intricate and specific, it might not be at my level! i think this price is pretty cheap, so please come to me with simplistic ideas so with that in mind…
  3. i will draw anyone! OC’s! characters from a show! someone elses OCs!
  4. i will do nsfw artwork! ie. your character naked, half naked. but no sexual acts.
  5. no furries. against the LAW.
  6. you’ll need some references for the character! a faceclaim, the armor/outift you want them to be wearing. the more the better!

and here’s how you contact me!

  1. first message me here saying you’re interested and ill give you my email address!
  2. send me your references (faceclaim, fashion, pose) and ill draw up a sketch. (it’ll be super rough, not pretty) 
  3. after that you can critique it, and let me know if you want it done!
  4. if yes, i’m going to wait until you send 5$ into my paypal account before i do lineart and coloring.
  5. when it’s done ill email it to you!

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How do you pronounce your name? I think it looks really pretty but I don't know if I'm saying it right

Lil - lee - uh

Thanks anon! But truly, thank you dad for having a big Ol’ man crush on Charlton Heston and pick my name out of his movies along with my brother’s middle name. You tricked our mother successfully and got us good. 

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So I’m now doing stickers of NGE to sell since the wonderful dragonflykida allowed me to splurge and show her the new movies! Stay tuned for more! c:

Happy birthday! =)

Well hey thanks! I’m extra surprised since I don’t generally say anything about it coming up, so way to be a cool detective and thanks again anon! c:

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So, the wonderful Megan has been feeling down lately so I’d thought I’d draw her comic Blackout’s main character, Evelyn Payne. Clearly, I have to experience drawing electricity but this was kind of quickly thrown together as well, so I apologize for it’s sloppiness! Also, I wasn’t 100% sure about her outfit colors so I improvised.

Hope everyone likes it though, and I hope Megan feels better the most! c:

So that job I was freaking out about on my WIP post? Yeah, I got it, and it’s pretty great. Just thought I should follow up with that. c:

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I just left my current job for another and I’m super stressed/anxious seeing as I’m being kept out the loop for the new one and it’s beginning to get down to crunch time. SO HERE’S A WIP OF THE CURRENT PICTURE BG I’M DRAWING.

How old are you?

Old enough to feel like I have experience and wisdom I can bestow upon my younger coworkers and friends, yet young enough that I’m really just a big dumb.

In other words 22.

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Hey nice artwork - great to see some Jet Set Radio stuff up there!

Thank you!
Same, right back at you too, fantastic colors and concepts/illustration! Very inspirational to look at!

And I just noticed your Beat in your work doodles! Super pumped to see you draw JSR stuff occasionally as well! It’s not something I see generally on my dashboard. Such a good game.

Basically though, people should go follow myoventea because their stuff is so dang amazing.

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Gum from Jet Set Radio Future c:

Expect to see more JSRF buttons in the future! 

guess what I’m drawinnnggggggg

a coloring of that sketch

sketchy sketch sketch