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sketchy sketch sketch


You mean you want affordable high quality prints of awesome drawings and game characters?

Get them here for $5!

More prints soon to come~


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ur art tots deserves a Portfoillo and how u make that website? ;3;

bawwww thanks, You’re included on there too with the Out of time picture c:

I made it through a lot of dicking around hoping my brain would start working and I would remember how to code. Never did SO

- I got a domain at Dreamhost and a hosting plan. 

- then I ended up getting Koken because it was free and pretty much does all the coding for you. 

- I followed Koken’s installation instructions and then started building the site.

It’s actually super easy if you follow the koken directions to the T. I spent a lot of time not knowing what the hell I was doing so it took a lot longer than it should have.
There are a lot of minor details too I did not add but I didn’t feel they were relevant since I’ve actually had that domain sitting on standby for about a few weeks. Feel free to send me a message though if you follow this and are confused. c:

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Practicing my scenery again!

Practicing multiple things while drawing other people’s characters!

You don't seem to get much support do you?

NOPE. haha.
It is what it is though. I’ll keep trying.

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I am now selling buttons of game characters from art that I have drawn!

You can purchase one button for $1 USD in this listing!

More buttons will are soon to come to this stockpile along with their sets.

It’s started! This will be the only time I reblog this here but when new art goes up of those game characters, it will most likely be here as a button as well! c:

Prints are soon to come too.

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a quick more accurate self portrait :P

So in between drawing game characters, I’ve been doing a little side art for an upcoming board game called Space Battle! It’s super in alpha but it’s pretty neat, you should go check it out and follow it! c:


My friend asked me to draw him falcon punching our store’s logo so here we are.

I promise I draw better than this but I was losing interest and I didn’t want to spend a ton of time on it so I just decided to post what I did rather than scrap it all. HEYO MINECRAFT SCREENSHOT. 

Who're you drawing next?

A guy with some Mike Tyson face tattoos.

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Why is Leliana's hair so red?

That’s because I go off of the Sacred Ashes trailer for her design since I personally like that version more.

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Leliana is first for the buttons and prints that I’ll be selling soon! Links and pictures of products will come soon to a description near you c:

You are insane

Well, only in the membrane. 

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